Saturday, October 27, 2012


A Commercial made for Alkalife Water. Based on Ponce De Leon's search for the fountain of youth.

Shot on the 5D at Blue Springs, Georgia. Tyson Cocks was the DP and Editor on this project. While I wrote and directed. Our Spanish translation is a bit off. But we tried. Ole!

I present to you "Pooping to the Moon"

This animated short was designed and built in one night, and filmed in another night. All audio done by yours truly. Also some character and set design and builds.
Animation and other character and set builds done by Tyler 'Keff' Beasley and Tyler Johnson.

The inspiration for this comes from someone just saying, "Hey, let's do an animation...I don't care if it's someone pooping to the moon." so we did. Done in a robot chicken style.

HU Film Reel
A reel, showcasing films I worked on at Huntington University. Directing, writing, acting, gripping and storyboard art are presented.